We got our video today!! It was so beautiful. We showed it to my parents & they loved it. Thank you so much! (Wedding videography)                                                 
                                  - Kristin C.
"Melissa, we showed my mom the video tonight because we couldn't contain our excitement. She burst into tears once she realized what it was. She was amazed that video (converted VHS to DVD clips) was in it. She wanted to watch it twice and said it was so beautiful. Thank you thank you for doing all of that in the short time frame I gave you! Even after you scanned the photos, I brought in more and you were still able to get it done by the deadline. Your work is amazing and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Thanks again!"
                                  - Ashley S.
"Thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful!!! (military homecoming session)
                                  -Abby K.
OMG....... Melissa..... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  It takes my breath away!!!! You did an outstanding job!!!! If this is just the highlights I can't imagine how beautiful the rest of the video will be! The whole thing looks like its' from a hollywood movie! The bride & groom are breathtaking and you have fabulous shots of everything!!! Now I really get to see just how beautiful the wedding actually looked! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing it so beautifully!
                                  -Lisa K.
We viewed the Wedding Video this weekend...SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!, WOW, Excellent are just a few of the adjectives.
 You did a fabulous job. It was so great to see all of the portions  we missed because we were in the background or because the Wedding day was just a blur. We loved your seamless editing...especially the way you captured the Bride and Grooms comments o before the ceremony and interwoven them in the video. The lighting,  color and all was more than we could have imagined.
 I am so glad you responded to my inquiry about finding a videographer for the ceremony only.  Several others had turned us down. The Bride and Groom was very pleased with the quality and results and fast turnaround time. My husband wished we had used your services at the reception as well.
                                  -G. C.
I received it (the DVD) today, it was AMAZING!!!!! I didn't think something could be so beautiful...Tears! You did an awesome job. I would recommend you to anyone...thank you from the bottom of our hearts...tears-tears-tears!
                                 -Tami M.
The DVDs arrived and we couldn't be more pleased! They are so wonderful and our daughter has already watched the entire thing through twice. We really appreciate the fantastic job you did for us! I'm sure we will have the opportunity to use your services again in the future and will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for everything!
                                 -Alison B. 
OH MY! Just got my photo CD from Melissa Lavadour of Spliced Frame Productions. AMAZING! Fabulous! I can't say enough thank you's for the wonderful photos. Anyone looking to get pictures done here in Jacksonville should call her!
                                 -Sandra L.
He loves that picture of me smirking from before he arrived and that was included in the sneak peek! :)
I love my loveletter/necklace pictures and the ones of him hugging me. But really, I love them all!
How on earth did you get all the important images? I remember hiding in his shoulder but not seeing you :)
Anyhow, fact of the matter....we love them all!!
                                 -Amy M.
It was awesome working with you! I hope we can do some more projects in the future. The video is pretty successful on the web and YouTube. This wouldn't have been a success without your help.
                                 -Alfa K.
Oh my gosh!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I cried hahahah I am so excited to share it with everyone! I tell ya... You do amazing work! I am 100% satisfied and more!! Thank you thank you!!
                                 -Macey S.
(From 'Best Raleigh Weddings & Wedding Wire'): "Very easy to work with and concerned with getting the footage we wanted. Very kind and professional- wrapped up in one week!" (5/5 stars)
                                 -Tina S.


"I have known Melissa for many years both as a professional and as a close friend. She possesses strong creative and visual communication skills. She's a team player and self-motivator with an ability to work under pressure which makes her a valuable asset to any comany. Her friendliness and professionalism is well-respected among her peers and friends who look upon her as a leader. Melissa is goal-driven and always produces incredible results." 
                                - Rita D., Graphics Designer


"Melissa is a consummate professional with incredible exactness of detail and outstanding dedication. When I worked with her, she was consistantly at the top of the class, working tirelessly in all of her endeavors, whether it was writing, shooting, editing or post-production. She is an extremely talented artist who knows her trade well and puts all of herself into each of her jobs.
                                - John H., US Navy


"Melissa Lavadour has done quite a bit of creative work for my company over a period of 6-8 years. This has included videos for ads that have also gone up on YouTube, print media, photography and logo creation. We have been more than satisfied with the end result for each project. She's our "go-to" person for graphics, photography and videography (both original content and editing). I should also mention that 100% of the work was done virtually with meetings and proofs accomplished via Skype and internet."
                                - Sarah S., Owner, AuctionFirst